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From Kashmir’s Saffron to Araku Coffee: Here is list of gift hampers given to G20 representatives of countries

Zighrana Ittar is a masterpiece of fragrance hailing from Kannauj, a city in Uttar Pradesh. ‘Ittar’ (meaning ‘perfume’) is an essential oil derived from botanical sources. It showcases a centuries-old tradition of exquisite perfume crafting. Skillfully distilled using a method passed down through generations, Ittar is an ode to precision and patience. Master artisans delicately gather rare blossoms like jasmine and roses at dawn, when their fragrance is most potent. Through the meticulous process of hydro-distillation, the essential oils are extracted and then matured over time, allowing the notes to harmonize and deepen. This alchemical journey culminates in Zighrana Ittar – a fragrant symphony that resonates with the rich heritage of Kannauj. Some niche and artisanal perfumes also incorporate Ittar into their creations, for its unique and natural scent profile. Zighrana Ittar transcends time, conjuring up images of ancient bazaars and royal courts, where once its scent graced the air.

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