Bridging Cultures through Fragrance at G20

We take immense pride in being part of the esteemed G20, where our perfumes have been presented as exquisite gifts to world leaders by our Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi.

Our collection beautifully combines the authenticity of traditional Indian attar with the allure of modern perfumery. Each fragrance has served as a testament to India's diversity, culture, and spirit, acting as a bridge between nations and symbolizing diplomatic unity through the art of scents.

These perfumes represent India's soft power, narrating a fragrant tale of the country's rich heritage and traditions.

Zighrana Attars: Making a Difference with ODOP

The One District One Product (ODOP) initiative stands as a beacon for fostering balanced regional development across every district in the country.

At Zighrana, we take joy in being recognized by this initiative. Our Attars not only showcase the rich diversity of our district but also propel us towards a future marked by inclusive development and economic prosperity.

Zighrana Teams Up with Khazana for an Ode to Indian Heritage

In a harmonious partnership, Zighrana collaborates with Khazana, the celebrated Taj Group lifestyle brand. This union seeks to unveil a captivating collection of traditional Indian attar and eau de parfum, a tribute to India's cultural richness.

As Zighrana merges its fragrance mastery with Khazana's cultural custodianship, the collaboration promises to be a sensory celebration.

This unique venture not only caters to overseas markets but also passionately contributes to nurturing and sustaining the talent of Indian artisans, crafting a fragrant narrative that resonates with both global and local audiences.